We all know that in the 1930s, Hermès family member Robert Dumas created a popular handbag, which is 1956 was renamed Kelly under the name Grace Kerry. But nowadays, this delicate rotating button on the bag can not only appear on the Kelly bag but also in the jewelry design of the Hermes Kelly Chaine series. Perhaps in the eyes of Hermès, the Kelly spin button, which is naturally smooth, is a piece of remarkable jewelry. Hermès Kelly jewelry includes bracelets, necklaces, rings, and other types, mainly made of gold, white gold and rose gold. The way the jewels are opened is the same as the Hermes Kelly bag. Just a twist, the bracelet can be opened, making it very convenient to wear. The four corners of the buckle are decorated with 4 diamonds. In addition to the simple design, this bracelet also features a lock-set pavé diamond, but at a slightly higher price. The above bangles come from a replica website. We can see that there is no difference in appearance with the authentic ones. Not only that but the way to open it is the same. If you can’t afford expensive products, imitation items are also an excellent choice.

The Hermès Kelly ring has also been designed for different hand types and different preferences. The wide and narrow versions are available in a variety of styles and diamonds. The different widths allow the Kelly spin buckle to be more visible. But no matter how it changes, it always follows the original elegant design of the Hermes Kelly bag. Good quality imitations also make this brilliant happen. In addition to the high degree of restoration of the Kelly spin buckle, Hermès also introduced such a combination of elegance and ruggedness – Kelly Chaine. That’s right, talking about Kelly is reminiscent of Hermes’s classic Kelly bag, and the hard punk Chaine anchor chain has always been a design element that Hermès has used in recent years. Unexpectedly, these two seem to be unmatched, but this Hermes Kelly Chaine bracelet is still amazing! So how does Hermès do it? First of all, Hermes still retains the special shape of the Kelly spin buckle, but the thick chain is fused at both ends of the spin buckle, and then connected by a chain, so that this bold and avant-garde Kelly Chaine necklace is completed. Not only that, the Kelly Chaine series can give people a comfortable and unobtrusive feeling. One of the big reasons is the use of gold. Compared to the soft rose gold, gold looks more tough, which is also invisible for Kelly spin buckle. It adds a bit of glory to it, so it can be better integrated with this rough design.

Unfortunately, this Kelly Chaine series of bracelets and necklaces are not currently available in replicas, so if you want to give your loved ones this individual jewelry as a Valentine’s Day gift, you can only buy the extra expensive products.