Piaget sunlight celebrity style

When it comes to Piaget’s classic jewelry collection, the first thing to think about is the Possession and Rose series, but you will find that the element of sunlight has also appeared frequently in the Piaget’s jewelry in recent years. Sunnyside of life to Sunlight Journey and then to Sunlight Escape. And this year’s Golden Oasis, a series of high-end jewelry, Sunshine has never been absent. Sure enough, Piaget launched the Sunlight series, and this series has the potential to become Piaget’s next classic series.
Inspired by the sun that bred nature, the Sunlight series is made of 18K yellow gold and diamonds. The most representative of the sun is the radiant geometric elements of the jewels. This ray of light symbolizes the blazing sun, and these radial triangle totems are designed like the gorgeous golden glow around the sun.
At the same time, the jewels are also decorated with this geometric element to form an arc, a semicircle or a perfect circle, representing the sun at different moments such as dawn, noon and dusk. The designer used gold and rose gold to create a two-layer base with a round diamond of progressive size for outstanding visual impact.
The pendant works are inlaid with gemstones with variegated gemstones, such as white opal and mother-of-pearl. They use natural gemstones and iridescent colors to echo the sun’s rainbow-ish light. The diamond-paved version presents a more flashing fire. The rose gold short chain tassels hang down under the pendant. At the same time, the pendant also adds lapis lazuli and malachite to add a lively and colorful finish.
The earrings are divided into two models, one of which is a rose gold earring. The base of the round diamond and the arc is cleverly hidden behind the ear. The style is shiny and neat, and the height position of the stud can be adjusted. The other is a pair of dangling earrings with a long chain and a circular shape that makes the sun’s rays flow naturally along the contours of the ear.
These two pairs of earrings add a ray of light to the popular Hoop earrings, which is a lot more distinctive than other similar types.
The circular-cut diamonds of different sizes are placed on the surface of the ring, which is similar to the feeling of the sun shining on the ground, and the side of the ring also contains the spiky shape that symbolizes the sun.
The jewels shine under the sunlight, and the earrings can be disassembled and reorganized. The necklace can be freely adjusted in length, adding a lot of fun to wear. It is a practical and versatile jewelry piece. And the Piaget Sunlight jewelry ranges from a $2,600 necklace to a $30,000 diamond ring. It will be the same classic as the timeless Possession and Rose series, which will be launched every year.