In 1906, Alfred Nehemias, a Hamburg Banker, and August Eberstein, a Berlin Engineer, teamed up to produce simple pens. However, this company which is now owned by the Rupert family in South Africa, got the name MontBlanc after the second pen it manufactured in 1910. In 1913 it adopted its easily recognizable trademark made up of a white six-pointed star which has round edges. This writing instrument has become a popular brand across the globe over the years since it used the German name, Montblanc Meisterstück, for the first time in 1924.


Montblanc Meisterstück, which means ‘masterpiece’ in the English Language, has a replica. The following features differentiate the MontBlanc fountain pen from its replica:


  1. a) Attraction to A Magnet: The 14-carat gold MontBlanc fountain pen does not respond to magnet while the replica version may roll towards the magnet if it is made of steel.


  1. b) Star on the Barrel End: The regular size and shape of the star which is found on the barrel end of a MontBlanc fountain pen looks off-center on the replica pen.


  1. c) Nib Patterning: The patterns found on a MontBlanc fountain pen are spread equally over the two tines of the nib while the replica pen has more patterns on one side of the tine than the other.


It should also interest you to learn about the benefits of the replica MontBlanc Pen. They include:


  1. Detail: The highest level of craftsmanship is put into the making of this replica pen. You will find that it matches the masterpiece pen to the tee.


  1. High-Quality: This pen is definitely cheaper, but it is in no way inferior. It leverages high-end technology in delivering a product of good quality. In truth, this replica pen is as good as its original counterpart.


  1. Image: There is a positive feel to wearing a well-known brand. Your image will be escalated as you make use of this high-quality MontBlanc pen to write down your phone number at the next get together with family and friends.


  1. Cost Saving: Without burning a hole in your pocket, you will own a masterpiece which has been around for many decades. You save yourself a huge sum of money without taking anything away from getting the satisfaction of owning a well-liked brand.


Problems may arise during the use of the MontBlanc pen. For instance, if the ink-flow stops and does not write properly this is how to deal with it. Flush it severally with cold water before flossing the nib. To do this will require:


– Making use of the negative strip of an old photograph.


– Slide it gently between the feed and the tines.


– There is a slit on the nib’s top where you can slip a corner of the negative strip.


– Move it to the tip from the breather hole.


The tipping material will not be damaged if you pull the negative strip out of the slit just before the end of the tine. You will have your pen working just fine again.