Treasures are more than just an ornament, they are actually a work of art from a certain perspective. Behind the seemingly simple shape, there may also be cultural heritage and extraordinary significance.
During the Renaissance, the vines and lines of plants became the main decorative pattern. As an Italian jewelry brand, Buccellati’s jewelry has a strong Renaissance style.
Take the Ramage series as an example. This series uses the bay leaf in Renaissance sculpture and painting art as an element to design unique and fabulous jewelry. This gorgeous pattern is a classic pattern of Buccerati. As early as the 1920s, the filigree process began to be popular, and many jewelry began to include elements such as flowers and natural patterns, so these jewels of Buccerati were already very popular at that time.
The vine-like curl pattern on the Ramage series ring is basic, which twists the vine branches and stems into waves, turns or swirls, which is very vivid. It is available in wide and narrow versions in three colors, with diamonds in the middle, making it delicate and feminine.
Each Ramage series jewelry is hand-carved by the goldsmith to 1mm thick gold pieces. On the carved side walls, you can see small branches and leaves and blooming diamond flowers, and you really wear the artwork on your body.
The Ramage series bracelet is gentle and elegant. It is very unobtrusive but very durable. It can be worn on daily commutes. The solid color style looks elegant and graceful, while the bracelet with gold trim as the embellishment looks more gorgeous and retro.
Interestingly, this bracelet has hidden secrets at the opening and closing: the bracelet has a clever buckle, and the “organ” should be opened when wearing and taking off, remarkably special.
The design of this pair of earrings is also very interesting. It is surrounded by only three branches on the front and surrounded by a ring on the outside, just like a button. The hollow design also makes the jewelry look lighter. In addition, there are buckles on the back of the earrings, which can reduce the wearer’s ear burden and make it more comfortable to wear.
These pendants have the same shape as the earrings and are available in two sizes. The smaller one is more suitable for the length of the clavicle chain, while the larger one is recommended to match the length of the sweater chain.
In addition to the common 18K gold and platinum, Buccellati also tried black gold. Black gold is a very rare precious metal, mixed with gold, full of personality.
In addition, because this series is decorated with graceful lines, it is especially suitable for Asian girls to wear, and it is very easy to match. When worn with the same series of bracelets and necklaces, it can highlight the refreshing and elegant charm.