Swarovski has always been loved by many consumers for its unique charm, both in terms of wearing effect and design style. Every piece of jewels in the Magic Forest series gives a sense of fantasy. The bloggers have selected a few of the most amazing pieces. Let’s explore this realistic version of The Wizard of Oz. This MAGICIAN necklace (Ref#5389177)has a multiple-layer design and features a large collection of Swarovski crystals. These crystals are all inlaid with Swarovski’s Pointiage® low-temperature ceramic inlay technology, crafted in white and black metallic tones. Against the backdrop of the crystals of different colors, there is a magical color that is fascinating.

In addition, there are three layers of blooming flowers on the pendant, the size, shape and inlaid crystals are all different. The most remarkable characteristic is that the two layers of petals above can be rotated, full of fun. The flower of the black crystal in the center of the top flower is also exceptionally eye-catching.

This MAGICIAN ring (Ref#5410989)has the between the fingerstyle that is badly popular nowadays. It is also designed as flower shape, but it is not exaggerated. The outstanding characteristic is that the flower is a two-layer design, the lower layer is decorated with purple Swarovski crystals, and the upper layer is still classic black and white. From the top to the bottom, you can see the purple revealed by the faint, which presents an amazing finish of noble mystery.

This pair of MAGICIAN earrings (ref#5410984)feature black and white Swarovski crystals, and the left and right sides are asymmetrical, making them very stylish and chic. The different flower design of the ear pin also adds a modern style to the ear. In addition, the flowers on both sides are rotatable, quite playful and childlike. And these drooping earrings can be used to modify the face shape, which is the first choice for delicate women with round faces.

It is also worth mentioning that the earplug has not applied the ordinary rubber material, but the metal is tightly wrapped, very tight and not easy to lose.

Swarovski has created this MAGICIAN necklace (ref#5411007)with an incredible phantasy shape. The gorgeous decorations of Swarovski purple crystals on the chain make it no longer dull. The inlaid flowery charms are also the breath-taking finishing touch. The hanging tassels add agility, what’s more, the combination of black and white crystals tells the distinctive beauty of the classic.

Last but not least, these dazzling jewels interpret Swarovski’s unique aesthetics with rich materials and designs, which injects new energy into every woman so that they can feel confident and show their style and charm!