The Art Director of Dico Fine Jewelry Victoire de Castellane incorporates lucky star and favorite rose elements of Mr. Christian Dior in his design of the Rose des Vents collection. It symbolizes the legendary journey of Mr. Dior’s journey to the Quartet and leads to the history of brand, from gardens of Granville to the 8th district of Paris, then to distant land where he has set foot. “My original intention was to design a small graphic pendant. What is more than a round badge?” Victoria said.

The essence of the brand’s history is implicit in it. A circle of golden rice is placed around the round badge pattern to pay tribute to the sail line and the sea. The pendant has a jewel on one side and a rose pattern on the other. with the front and back of the pendant alternately appearing when wear it at the hands.

Dior Fine Jewelry Rose des Vents Collection Bracelet

“The Rose des Vents series represents creativity”. Victoire de Castellane said, “Creation is also a product of a spiritual voyage.”

Dior Fine Jewelry Rose des Vents Series Reversible Ring

The jeweler craftsman draws inspiration from this sentiment. They based on the gouache design sketch, using the green resin that can be easily shaped to create the first jewellery model by hand. Subsequently, they used the old dewaxing casting method to successfully convert the wax into gold. Next, the craftsman carefully polished the preliminary product with dexterous hands, cleverly modifying every detail of the jewelry. Each section is carefully polished, just like the lining of a haute couture.

Dior Fine Jewelry Rose des Vents Series Multi-Ring Necklace

Victorian wraps around pendant with a entwined golden rice ear pattern, which reminiscent of ropes, designing to pay tribute to voyagers sailing on the innocent sea. The round badge can be flexibly flipped with the wearer’s every move, with precious stones on one side and a rose rose pattern on the other. The delicate embossed stars in gold, white gold and rose gold with various gems, contrasting with each other that is full of elegance and chic beauty.

Imitated Dior Fine Jewelry Rose des Vents collection earrings.

I didn’t find it on the authentic website and went to the replica website to find exactly the same. Even if it is a replica jewelry, it is very delicate. And it is made according to the size and craftsmanship of the original. This shows how much the brand is loved by consumers.

The Dior Fine Jewelry Rose des Vents collection is crafted from these materials: gold, mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli, turquoise, diamond, rose gold and pink opal that are all with perfect design. The reversible ring, earrings, bracelets and long-short necklaces complement the choice of this style.