Playing a variety of different personalities in life, and many times it is reflected in some small details. Newcomers in the workplace need to pay attention to details. Just like bags and dresses, jewelry and makeup, neckties and suits, with the right fit people can present the perfect side.

For men, suit and tie are the basic dress for workplace. How to make image different in these ordinary equipment? let’s talk about the things that accessories for men.

The tie we know today became popular around 1850, and tie clip was only available 20 years later, which is to keep tie in close contact. In the trend world, this decoration is more refined.

This are the most correct ways to pick a tie
Tie clips should be kept as close as 3/4 of the width of the tie
Tie clip length and tie width ratio is 3:4
Picking a tie clip based on the width and the length of the tie generally does not go wrong.

Follow the material and size of the tie. It can not only make the tie run, but also show the pursuit of fashion. This kind of matching is the most popular.

According to the color of the tie. The elegant metallic color is a safer color, and it is always good to match the luster of the metal with the texture of the tie.

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The right style has the perfect effect
This style is more suitable for matching some rougher fabrics such as wool and cashmere, so that it will not leave too obvious pinholes.

The plug-in tie clip is very simple to use. They are made of folded metal, which have a U-bend and a pair of upper-lower pieces that are gently pressed together. It is the most commonly style that is similar to a standard wallet.

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The push-on tie clip is like a more delicate clip. They have a hinged connection between the upper-lower layers. The wearer simply presses one end to open the use, then secures the clip to the tie and shirt and holds it in place. Since such tie clips can apply more pressure, they are generally easier to hold in place.

Choosing the right tie clip, don’t bring them in the wrong position
Under normal circumstances, we should wear a tie clip between the third and fourth buttons of the shirt, which is the best balance point. Also consider the mix with the blazer, it will be better to fix the tie clip between the 4th and 5th buttons of the shirt. When wear the suit, you won’t reveal the tie clip at all, which presents a traditional style. When off or open the suit, there will be some small surprises.