Piaget, the top Swiss jewellery brand, re-launched the dazzling and new prologue in 2019, following the launch of the Sunlight Escape jewellery collection last year. This series recreates the magnificent scenery of the Northland, and it is a breathtaking natural beauty. The new and wonderful art-works, selected during the Paris Fashion Week, was first exposed in the Earl’s flagship store in Paris and was performed by Jessica Chastain, the global brand ambassador of Piaget. The Sunlight Escape series has added 17 new pieces, spanning three main sub-themes – Warming Lights, Exalting Sights, and Dancing Nights. The bold design, ingenious craftsmanship and the sincerity of precious gems show the earliest brand pedigree! The tireless traceability and exploration of nature have inspired Piaget’s infinite creativity in the field of refined jewelry. The Piaget launched the unique Frosted Star Bracelet (G36M7900), which continues the spectacular view of Exalting Sights. This bracelet is inspired by the perfect symmetrical white snowflake. The centre of the bracelet is inlaid with a 5.12-carat pillow-shaped cutting motor gamma sapphire. It is surrounded by 8 square-cut black opals. Under the influence of 4 kinds of diamond cutting design, it condenses the crystal clear stream of snowflakes and becomes more brilliant. Piaget’s iconic palace-style totem is decorated with these unique masters of engraving, and blooms in the form of a new “frost flower”.


The Piaget Sunlight Escape necklace of the same theme (G37N6300) is clear and elegant, such as the same song dedicated to the innocent white snow. This necklace features white opal, South Sea pearls and bright diamonds on the white gold chain, perfect for the Piaget’s playful and graceful design. The opal’s brilliance, the pearl’s radiance, and the sparkle of the diamonds set off the centrally radiant snowflake, reflecting the unparalleled design process of PIAGET. Inspired by the beautiful aurora of the northern night sky, the Piaget launched Night Illusion-themed jewels, which are composed of necklaces, earrings, ear clips and rings, and respect the precious world of the Northern Lights. The brand’s selection of the best quality emeralds, Paraiba tourmalines and crystal diamonds, depicting the rich blue and green tones of the Northern Lights, is fascinating. This asymmetrical necklace reveals the Piaget’s fascinating creativity (G37N7100), and the centre of the necklace is inlaid with a Colombian emerald weighing approximately 10.76 carats. The colour is pure and saturated. The horse-eye-cut emeralds and Paraíba tourmalines, as well as 42 unusual irregular emeralds, are as bold as painting art. Emeralds are extremely fragile, they are carefully extracted from layers of quartz, and precious crystals make Night Illusion jewellery more priceless.Earrings (G38N9400) and ear clips (G38N9500) of Piaget Night Illusion series are based on Piaget’s classic wave shape, exceptionally bold and modern. The ring (G34HZ600) is embellished with a green pillow-shaped cut Colombian emerald, weighing about 5.95 carats. Other emeralds and diamonds fluctuate like tides, extremely intoxicating and fascinating.