When you picked up a bunch of rose, you noticed that the stem of the flower was patchy. Designer director Victoire de Castellane has turned his attention to the neglected stems, attracting by its chic aesthetics, and inspired to create the Bois de Rose collection.

As Victoria said: “The rose stem is wrapped around the fingers making the jewelry exude a tender poetry that like a romantic announcement or an eternal love symbol”.

Dotted with a few round cut diamonds on the branches of the stems, this ring just has some changes on the basis of the shape. The lines and branches filled with undulations increased the sense of flow. The width of the entire ring is still kept in a relatively thin range, so the requirements of the opponent type are not very high.

If you think that the prime circle is too monotonous, this full-drilled style will meet your need which is relatively more refined and of course the price will be more expensive. This style is available in 18K yellow gold or white gold. Because the color is more uniform, so the diamond with the white gold looks denser and more flashy.

This ring is also inspired by the shape of the flower stem. The difference is that the number of windings is more rich, and only one ring can create a stacking effect.

Compared to roses as a design inspiration, it is more unique to use stems. In fact, for some women with unique characteristics, the stems are more representative of their character. Bois de Rose is a modern interpretation of the Christian Dior rose with a thorny rose stem with some perseverance in tenderness.

The enduring style earrings can create a retro-modern style. Even if they are all basic circular rings, the size of the rings is union because the metal thickness is different. These earrings are slightly adjusted on the basis of the ring that is inspired by the rose stems and have a distinctive flavor.

The stalk of roses is gently wrapped around the wrist. It is both a poetic and jewel, a romantic statement, and an eternal symbol of love. Bracelets are available in both open and closed loops.

Different from flower-shaped Dior, Bois de Rose series starts with the stems and the thorns which is more touching and appealing to the classics from another angle. Just like in love, not only the romance and sweetness of the surface, but also the discrepancy between each. Bois de Rose allows people to have a feeling of contradictory when they have love, so that they can better manage their feelings. Just as stems and thorns are an essential part of the rose, conflict is also a flavoring of emotions. Be good at finding beauty and harmony from difference. This is the true meaning of feelings.