Van Cleef & Arpel’s fingertips ring always meet you.

Magic Alhambra
Designed as a four-leaf clover, the ring means lucky for the hand. Paved diamonds highlight the fashion sense of the ring. The white or black mother of pearl is more feminine and elegant. However, the combination of black mother-of-pearl and onyx is more of a mix and match fashion style, suitable for individuals wearing.

Tow Butterfly
The butterfly shape sets off the elegance of mature women, embellishment of the young woman’s smart and lively temperament. Combining with different colors of gems and asymmetric designs re-interprets the beauty of butterflies that is fit for everyone to wear.

The four heart-shaped petals flowers are quite unique in this ring.
Simple and stylish diamonds with onyx is more calm temperament, and white mother bellows are slightly fresh flavor.

Consisted of rose gold with white mother-of-pearl, diamond and pink and lilac sapphire, this ring capturing the beauty of lightness and enthusiasm pay tribute to the kite flying in the wind.
The bold color schemes and asymmetric design enhance the diversity of ladies.

Oiseaux de Paradis
The ring is composed of 18K rose gold with round, pear-shaped diamonds and round pink gemstone. Reproducing the elegant beauty of the paradise bird by the combination of gold and precious stones. The agile style with the lines are natural, and it is also beautiful when surrounding the hand.

Flying Butterfly
Flying Butterfly uses a unique enamel design to show the elegance of the butterfly.
Diamonds are cut into round and horse-shaped shapes, enriching the variety of rings.
Two asymmetrical dancing butterfly add the unique charm to women.

Decorating with cross-wrapped white gold and rose gold diamond ribbons, Nœud finger ring combines rose gold with white gold and diamonds. The lines of the ring are smooth and natural, gentle and smart. Combining fashion and elegance, the bows are elegantly stretched in three-dimensional shapes, and it’s very atmospheric.

The Virevolte finger ring was inspired by the elegant feathers that fluttered in the wind. 18K white gold inlaid diamonds with unique design and simple shape seems elegance. And the lines in the leaves portray realistically that is suitable for intellectual women to wear.

Lotus is a symbol of beauty, purity, and commitment. Inspired by the lotus finger ring, this asymmetric but harmonious beauty finger ring was created.
Colorful rings are inlaid with different diamonds putting a delicate image of each piece of petal carving. And the flowing lines set off the smart beauty of women. One of the highlights of the design is that there are two ways to wear the ring, you can choose to wear according to your outfit.