Preserving the classic elements in fashion, this is Bulgari’s long-standing design philosophy. Countless modern women are looking forward to the literary atmosphere of Italy. We have experienced the charm of this country in movies, photos or others. How can you get closer to Italy? In fact, it is enough to choose the Bulgari B.zero1 series, which has remarkable immortal style. Even if it is born for many years, this classic jewelry series is still the favorite of countless people. What’s more, although it is designed by female architects. It doesn’t look rigid and bored. Instead, it incorporates the style of the Colosseum and introduces a unique spiral design. This is a tough but lazy feminine line. It is smart but not lacking delicacy, which can make you the most eye-catching one in the crowd.

This pendant from brand new series of B.zero1 LABYRINTH will instantly catch everyone’s eyes, why is this? In addition to the luxurious brilliance of 18K gold and pave diamonds, the unique spiral design is also a highlight. Many fashion girls are attracted by this point, and then they really fall in love with it.

Because the geometric lines are very flexible, so you won’t get tired of wearing them every day since they can always give you a fresh feeling. Compared with other Bvlgari B.zero1 series of accessories, it is more feminine, so it will be perfect for graceful women. And the choice of dressing code can be more diversified, whether it is casual wear, commuter makeup or dress, this pendant can let you exude the unique charm. Which accessories will be introduced next? We feel that many women also like designer bracelets very much, so this three-spiral soft chain bracelet is the product to be introduced.

The unique design lines make this bracelet a focal point, and the appealing sheen of 18K yellow gold, white gold and rose gold makes it feel dazzling, and the classic design makes this bracelet full of the timeless elements of Bulgari’s B.zero1 collection. if you want to have more modern flavors, but feel that the bracelets on the market are too tacky, then this ingenious bracelet is absolutely the best choice!

If you still don’t know which is suitable for you, you can continue to learn about other styles of the B.zero1 series. However, if you carefully observe each jewelry of Bulgari’s B.zero1 series, you will find that there is a modern sense of transcendence. As early as many years ago, Bulgari mastered the avant-garde fashion elements, so this series is enduring and ever-lasting, even now, it is still the favorite for millions of hipsters including Oscar stars and supermodels. Because it is a classic series, so there are so many models, you definitely can find the best one for you.