As the children, we always have a special fascination with the prince and princess. The dream scenes in fairy tales that always make us remember. This is the innocence that makes our lives have love and hope.

The kingdom of dreams belongs to Van Cleef & Arpels
“Peau d’ane” is a well-known fairy tale in France. The story is about a beautiful princess escape the castle full of sorrow after her mother died with the help of the virtuous lilac fairy. Disguised and hided in the forest, the princess make friends with the animals.

Fairy-tale castle brooch “Peau d’ane”

Van CLeef & Arpels Peau d’ane Chateau enchante brooch

This brooch is designed with the castle of the “Peau d’ane” in childhood. In addition to the fine round brilliant cut diamonds, the platinum base of the castle has other cutting methods: rectangular cut grandmother, oval cut below, drop-shaped cut pink and purple sapphire.

“Peau d’ane” Skirt Brooch

Van Cleef & Arpels “Peau d’ane” Platinum Brooch

Before the escaped castle, the Princess took away three precious long skirts that father gave her. They are sky blue, purple blue and yellow dresses. And Van Cleef & Arpels used this as a source of inspiration to create three beautiful white gold brooches.
The sky blue is the Robe Couleur de Temps brooch. The golden is the Robe Couleur du Soleil brooch. The blue-violet is the Robe Couleur de la Lune brooch.

In addition to the brooches, there are related accessories to make your princess dream more perfect.

Van CLeef & Arpels Peau d’ane Necklace

This blue necklace is very luxurious and charming that is suitable for high fashion wear. This necklace has a double wave design. The base is encrusted with round brilliant cut diamonds. The rest is inlaid with diamonds in a variety of cut styles and pear-shaped sapphires of varying sizes.

Van CLeef & Arpels Peau d’ane Convertible Stud Earrings

This earring follows the transformable styling of Van Cleef & Arpels and is worn in a variety of ways. And each of the earrings hangs a large pear-shaped aquamarine.

Van CLeef & Arpels Peau d’ane Ring

This ring has a stretch ratio effect visually. The diamonds inlaid around it are in the form of claws, which are placed in a high-low layer around the horse-cut sapphire.

Van CLeef & Arpels Peau d’ane Bracelet

This bracelet design and complexity in line with the style of the royal family in the 20th century and even before. The style of jewelry is extremely luxurious.

Van CLeef & Arpels Peau d’ane Ring

This ring and the decorative part are divided into two parts by hollowing out. Round diamonds are also decorated at the ring and in the openwork metal floor.