The fall is the season of wind, which is a good time to fly a kite. Speaking of the kite, this is a movement with a long history from ancient China. In some countries in Europe, America, Japan and Southeast Asia, kite flying activities are also very popular. So the International Kite Federation was established in 1989 and is headquartered in Weifang, Shandong province.

The 35th Weifang International Kite Festival 2018

Such a grand festival may be related to the nature of American love of sports. People also added sports factors to kites and invented sports kites. People can exercise body in the sporting activities of flying kites, fully enjoy the fun of sports. Data from The New York Times shows: “Stunt kites are said to have been designed according to the target aircraft of the missile shooting test”, “American kite enthusiasts are huge, with more than 150 million kites sold each year, and most of which are sports kites”.

The lightness of a kite always makes people happy. If person can carry such an item at hand, it must be a very happy thing. In 2015, Van Cleef & Arpels, a French jewellery watch, took inspiration from the kite and designed a set of jewels to pay tribute to the kites flying in the wind.

In Asian culture, kites symbolize guardianship. Cerfs-Volants uses a flexible design to vividly illustrate the beauty of kite dancing. It is also a collection of mother-of-pearl, gemstones, diamonds and rose gold, which make the whole collection more magnificent and more youthful.

In order to present the free posture of the kite swaying in the air, the designer skillfully presented the kite flying in different directions in the form of a finger ring.

This pair of earrings has been tried with a complex gemstone material. For example, mother-of-pearl in different colors presents sails, white gold clouds lining the rose gold skeleton skeleton, sapphire is dotted between the diamond clusters, etc. And the drape design also makes the earrings more flexible when worn.

The design of the bracelet is more vivid. The kite and the cloud are placed at the two ends of the bracelet. The top of the bracelet is decorated with platinum and mother-of-pearl clouds. The chain below connects the two kites in series. It is like a picture of a kite flying in the air. The buckle is hidden behind a small and delicate cloud that is quite chic.

The two parts of the brooch can be removed with a clever mechanism design, and people can choose one of them to match.

The work shows the amazing creation of the designer and the great skills that the craftsman gave to life. The flow of the kite is vividly portrayed and recalls memories of childhood.