If you are given a chance to go back to your childhood, what gifts will you expect to get? Yummy ice cream, colorful balloons, sweet lollipops or interesting toys? When we were young, their allure always affected our hearts. I will linger before the show window and immerse myself into happy childhood for a while when I pass by toy stores sometimes. I can find my precious memory from kids playing happily. Do you have the same thoughts like me? How can we leave the happy memory around us? Maybe the answer is in Bulgari Festa High Jewellery Collection.

Children’s Day is a day kids look forward to every year. On this day, a lot of activities and ceremonies take place of daily classes in school, and parents exquisitely prepare lovely gifts for their kids. This is a day full of surprises and expectations. Parents will recall their childhood. If adults expect to get some gifts, what presents are good choices? You can find the one you like from the following items.

Bulgari Festa Pacco Regalo High Jewellery Necklace
Green represents good luck and vitality. Bulgari Festa Pacco Regalo necklace consists of a rose gold chain with flags in rose gold and chrysoprase and a gift box-shaped pendant. The edge-covering green gift box is wrapped with a ribbon bow in rose gold. Starry diamonds in different sizes adorn the edge and the ribbon bow in 18K rose gold. Flags and the gift box bring you back to your childhood immediately. What’s more, the chrysoprase box pendant can be removed from the chain, and it’s fine to be a brooch.

Bulgari Festa Tubogas Choo Choo Train Necklaces And Bracelets
Toys are one of our playmates in childhood, especially for boys. But, toy vehicles are not the exclusive use of boys. Bulgari Festa Tubogas Choo Choo Train necklaces and bracelets will be the distinctive ones of girls’s jewellery collection. Showing trains’ charm, Bulgari Festa Tubogas Choo Choo Train necklace/bracelet is made of rose gold and an cushion-shaped emerald gem, three pieces of pink tourmaline stones. The train set with pave diamonds dazzles the eyes.

Bulgari Festa Palloncini Balloon High Jewellery Necklace
Balloon-shaped emerald gems, aquamarine sapphires, amethyst crystals and pink tourmaline stones adorn the rose gold necklace set with diamonds, and they let us feel happy scents. At the ends of balloons, the flying ribbons are dancing along with the wind. These colorful balloons are echoes of festivals.

Bulgari Festa Lecca Lecca Lollipop High Jewelery Brooch
When we were little kids, just a lollipop can maintain the friendship among us children. If something bad happened among friends, a lollipop could solve the matter. Bulgari Festa Lollipop brooch is made vividly, dazzling and delicious. The rose gold stick decorated with spiral grain and diamonds shows the exquisite crafts. Diamonds in white and yellow and a brilliant-cut emerald adorn the sweet candy.

Bulgari Festa Birthday Cake Dell’infanzia Rings
A beautiful cake is necessary on the important days, and it is the most delicious memory in childhood. Rings decorated with cakes in different flavors always remind girls of happy moments.