Everyone says “the boys have cats and the girls have dogs”. However, I still prefer the petite cute and quiet of cats, which is suitable for my not like the lively character. In fact, the cat that attracts me the most is its eyes, which is simply the perfect masterpiece of God.

Love me love my dog. Of course, I certainly like the jewelry of the opal.

Dior Jardin de Milly-la-Foret series Moonstone ring, white, 18K yellow gold inlay, set with a small snail next to the moonstone

The opal in a legend is is a symbol of power
In ancient Egypt, the opal ring in the hand of Pharaoh has a mysterious legend. When the cat’s eyes are opened, it means that the gods are angry and need to take human life to worship the god so that to make the god calm down and eliminate anger. In addition, when the courtiers entered the Palace, it was said that the Pharaoh decided the official position or life of the courtier with the number of the cat’s eye. Until now, there are still many areas in Egypt to worship the main gods with opals.

The Optical effects schematic of the opal
opal effect schematic: the gemstone is curved and it has a dense array of needle-like or fibrous inclusions inside. When the light is shining, the inclusions reflect the light back to form a bright band, which constitutes the optical effect of opal.

Common methods for identifying several cat’s eye gemstones   

Golden beryl opal

Golden beryl opal, bright liner, faintly visible internal fibrous matrix.

Moonstone and Sunlight opal

Moonstone opal (left) and Sunshine opal (right)

Moonstone opal effect is obvious. In fact, not all moonstones opal have a blue-white moonlight effect. Moonstone opal belongs to the feldspar gemstone and can be white or yellow. Some yellow moonstone opals show cat-eye effects due to internal features. The fast identification method is also to test the refractive index.

Neon blue apatite opal

Apatite opal has many colors, such as brown, yellow, and blue. This apatite opal is neon blue. Because the hardness of apatite opal is low, the surface of it is easily worn, which is not bright like the opal. It is easy to distinguish between gloss and surface features, and the refractive index can be measured for more accuracy.

Jasper opal

Jasper opal has a bright white line in the center of the gem. Its color is relatively warm and the texture is delicate. Appearance is similar to opal. And the rapid identification method: refractive index or relative density test.

Glass opal (artificial imitation)

Blue glass opal has bright color, which is not like natural gemstones, and the liner is not natural.