Mr. Dior has always believed in fate. “Opportunity always patronizes people with urgent expectations,” Mr. Christian Dior wrote in his memoirs. It can be seen that he is obsessed with divination, card fortune telling, fate signs and premonitions.
The Tell Me Dior is based on constellation that creates twelve cartoon necklaces. Use white or black crystal, the jewelry with pearls embellished in 18K gold, which is playful yet luxurious. And each necklace is a special constellation lucky password.
Using glass pearls as the corner of Capricorn, the oval eyes made of crystal are vivid for the details are more rounded.
The necklace is full of bow and arrow shape.
The identification of Scorpio lies in the tail. The details of the tail reflect the nature of Scorpio.
Maybe Libra is the most realistic necklace. The perfectly symmetrical beauty on both sides meets some people’s obsessive-compulsive disorder.
This sign of necklace is a little perfunctory. While the design is smart. The beautiful girl’s beautiful and youthful beauty projected through the overall design.
The lions with pearls represent Leo. Pearls as griffins with different size is a challenge to the technique of mosaic.
This is the Cancer necklace. The big pearl is used as the body of Cancer with the sparkling eyes above adding to the glamour of this shape. What’s more, the feet and claws are mini-processed, which seems small and cute.
Gemini is composed of double small people assembled by pearls and crystals. The small people who are very specific copied that fit the symbol of Gemini: twins.
Have you seen such a cute Taurus? The horn of the cow head is made of 18K gold, which is extremely domineering. The addition of the cow nose adds a lot to the whole shape.
Aries is warm and soft in many people’s hearts. However, this white sheep necklace just expresses the firmness and handsomeness of Aries. The high angle of the horns and the simple lines are exceptionally tough, which is also the charm of Aries.
Pisces necklace is a creative prototype of a fish and a round fish body satisfying the romance of girls.
The water bottle of Aquarius necklace is realized by visual art, the proportion and size are just right, which is intriguing.
The overall design of the Dior 12 constellation necklace is simple and charm. The jewel material can express the characteristics of the object so vividly, which can be seen from the designer’s ingenuity and constellation concept. This series of necklaces serves as a good example for the exploration of women’s tastes and the preservation of luxury.
Maintenance details: anti-drop, anti-shock, anti-scratch, anti-corrosion, anti-glare, away from chemicals, professional maintenance