What will the word “Bvlgari” remind you of? The Serpenti? Colored gems? Elizabeth Taylor? It reminds people of B. ZERO 1 jewelry collection more, because it is the everyday jewellery. It can match with outfits in all daily styles, distinctive, elegant but powerful. Bvlgari B. ZERO 1 jewellery, the enter-level jewelry is a preferred choice for girls who love Bvlgari jewellery.

The Meaning of B. ZERO 1
Bvlgari B. ZERO 1 jewelry collections reflect Roman pursuit for magnificence. “B” represents Bvlgari, and “ZERO 1” represents the starting point, meaningful. “B. ZERO 1” symbolizes eternal and classic Bvlgari.

The Features of B. ZERO 1
The season that The first Bvlgari B. ZERO 1 was so popular is that it combined double logo and Tubogas. In 1977, “BVLGARI ROMA” appeared on the dial of Bvlgari watches. Then, the mark became “BVLGARI BVLGARI” soon. The feature were applied into Bvlgai jewellery. Bvlgari also introduced the iconic feature of the Serpenti Tubogas into the B. ZERO 1. Double logo and Tubogas have been one of the most iconic and successful Blgari features.

The Inspiration of B. ZERO 1
Bvlgari B. ZERO 1 was inspired by Roman Amphi Amphitheatrum Flavium, whose iconic helical curves are a metaphor connecting past, present and future. It was honored as extraordinary jewellery design by THE GEM – THE DEFINITIVE VISUAL GUIDE that was published by Smithsonian Institution. Born in 1999, Bvlgari B. ZERO 1 jewellery has only 19-year history, but it became the star product soon. We can see new faces of B. ZERO 1 jewellery every season.

Bvlgari B. ZERO 1 in Tri-color Gold
Bvlgari has applied white gold, yellow gold and pink gold to the B. ZERO 1 jewelry. The combination of tri-color golds makes the B. ZERO 1 show irresistible charm.

Bvlgari B. ZERO 1 Ceramic Jewellery
Bvlgari introduced a novel technology-ceramic into jewelry design in 1994. With the help of the hi-technology, the brightness and durability of ceramic was improved to an unprecedented level. The B. ZERO 1 Ceramic Jewellery has been the iconic symbol in modern style.

Bvlgari B. ZERO 1 Diamond Jewellery
Bvlgari B. ZERO 1 Diamond Jewellery was launched in 2015. The luxurious and innovative collocation diamonds and gold or ceramic adds brilliance to its present splendor.

Bvlgari B. ZERO 1 Save the Children Jewellery
Bvlgari has worked for a charitable organization Save the Children since 2009. Bvlgari designed the special ring: B. ZERO 1 in silver and ceramic. Bvlgari will donate 100 dollars to Save the Children for every piece is sold. Hollywood stars, Chinese stars and Korean stars joined in the charity program. To celebrate 130th anniversary, Bvlgari B. ZERO 1 Save the Children pedant necklace was launched in 2014.

Bvlgari B. zero 1 Design Legend by Zaha Hadid
CEO of Bvlgari Group, Jean-Christophe Babin invited Zaha Hadid to redesign the B. zero 1 collection. Zaha Hadid is an excellent architect who dares to create and catch the imagination. On basis of the original model, she introduced flowing lines to finish the B. zero 1 Design Legend ring showing strong visual impact.