As a symbolic pattern of Dior, cannage carries the imprint of history. The fine jewelry of My Dior series continues the signature cannage of brand and continues to write a new chapter. Rings, thin bracelets or wide bracelets with gold lines are interlaced to form a three-dimensional relief pattern.
Rattan plaid chair and My Dior grain
Mr. Christian Dior has always been looking forward to life in the 18th century. The Napoleon III gold-plated chair with a light-colored cannage has gradually become a symbol of the brand. Christian Dior has also used this timeless cannage in his collections, and now the My Dior collection gives this brand a classic look.
The cannage, with simple geometric figures express the perfect extension of the exquisite style. The middle of the grain is decorated with round cut diamonds. Using an old lost wax process, this series is made of gold, white gold and rose gold. It also contains two sizes of different widths and sizes of the bracelet.
Of course, there are also cannage pendants, bracelets, which are the same exquisite and stylish.
The series through the draws sketches on paper by the hands of Victoire de Castellane, and on the basis of the sketches, Victoire forms a gouache, which is then sent to the studio. After the fixed mold, polishing, inlay, shape and other processes of craftsman, the elegant and refined My Dior series is created. The brand strives for excellence in every process. In order to achieve the best connection, almost the position of each diamond has clear requirements and regulations.
Craftsmanship of My Dior
Drafting, design
Dewaxing casting
Mold reduction
Mosaic, stone
Polishing, repairing /Final monitoring before trading
This series of complicated processes is only to provide customers with a more beautiful jewelry experience.
The appearance is like a gold grid or a woven straw. My Dior bracelets are full of rough original style. Frankly speaking, wide bracelets often look full of weight, but thanks to the unique weave pattern, this oversize wide bracelet is lighter which is eye-catching. If you are a low-key person, maybe the style without diamonds will be more popular. The cannage jewelry with no diamonds can reveal personality and fashion. Of course, there are also colorful gemstones. My Dior will always have jewelry for you.
My Dior is a unique collection that are timeless and classic, which is suitable for every woman—fresh and natural, or elegant and refined. This high-end jewellery collection contains unparalleled charm and connotation. However, as a luxury, maintenance is very important. Water, and some things that contain chemicals are absolutely inaccessible.