Luxury brands enhances their status and market value through telling design inspiration, precious materials and stories between the brands and celebrities. Female stars and super models often attend the red carpet or ceremonies with luxury high jewellery famous famous brands sponsored. On one hand, influence of female stars determines what jewelry brands will sponsor and choose them; on the other hand, star power and name recognition will improve further brands’ influence and value in global market.

We always see actresses and stars dress up and attend the red carpet of Oscar Academy Awards, Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival and so on. Female stars bloom with splendid attire and high end jewelry on the red carpet, and luxury brands take these opportunities to enhance brands’ influence. We audiences watch the ceremonies and praise gorgeous jewellery. Those gorgeous jewelry impress deeply on you, and finally you are determined to order some pieces in the stores. Congratulation! This is the final goal luxury brands plan to reach. It cannot be denied that those pieces of jewelry add your brilliance to your splendor. I think it’s not worthy if your action leads to the financial difficulties. Why would you pay for your vanity? Only luxury jewelry or bags can prove your status and value? Only luxury jewelry or bags make others respect you? I don’t think so. Girls with rich knowledge and right value system know how to win respect from people around them. In fact, many of female stars wear in plain in their daily life. If you have enough money, just go for splendid jewelry you like. If not, a piece of replica jewelry can make you attractive. If you need a piece of simple but sweet and elegant necklace, replica Bvlgari DAVIS’ DREAM necklace in silver set with one crystal and pave zircons may be your taste.

Real VS Fake I Recommend
When you see the contrast photo, you will feel the fake Bvlgari DAVIS’ DREAM necklace looks cheap. If the 25 pieces of brilliant-cut diamonds being inlaid in the fan-shaped pendant are removed into the fake necklace, the fake Bvlgari necklace will make a huge difference. The real Bvlgari DAVIS’ DREM necklace first, its chain and pendant frame are made in 18kt white gold, and the fan-shaped pendant is set with one diamond in the peak and 24 pieces of brilliant-cut diamonds in different sizes. Its price is 2,700 dollars. Then let’s look at the fake DAVIS’ DREAM necklace, it is made in 925 silver set with one crystal and pave zircons. It only costs you 91 dollars.

Fake Bvlgari DAVIS’ DREAM Necklace
The craftsman makes the chain and the fan-shaped pendant first, and it’s an easy process. Then inlay the crystal and zircons into the pendant frame, and it takes a craftsman 4 hours to finish the process perfectly. Finally, the craftsman polishes the pendant until the smooth and mirror effect. I admit it cannot be a luxury fake necklace, but the high quality fake Bvlgari necklace won’t let you feel disappointed. The price determines the quality, but the quality of the fake necklace is higher than its price.