Dior launched a new high-end jewellery collection – “Dior Dior Dior” inspiring by the gorgeous lace in the customer fashion . The each collection owns excellent quality. The main stone with high hollow structure as substrate. Gold beads trim, diamond sequins and rope pattern decoration showing the lightness and prosperity of the lace-like jewelry.
The Dior Dior Dior collection comes from Vicorire de Castellane, Dior Senior Jewelry Art Director. Victoire draws inspiration from the brand history and the various lace elements in the Christian Dior collection. She explains: “I want to capture the lightness and delicate beauty of lace, which is an important element of high-end custom, just like satin. belts, silk and draping that the souls of Dior”.
The grid patterns such as honeycombs, fish scales and spirals interpret different textures of lace fabrics. The small hollow structure has higher requirements for polishing. Embellished with colorful treasures, gold beads, ribbed ropes, the series imitating lace, while rose-cut diamonds represent the sequin elements in high-end customer.
high quality main stone is another highlight of this series,which covers a wide variety of yellow diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, opal, manganese garnet, pink sapphires, etc.
In order to highlight the soft texture of lace, the designer introduced a novel design: a palm chain, an integrated ring-bracelet, and vine-like lace to connect the ring-bracelet. Also unique is the asymmetrical earrings and finger rings.
Just like high-end custom-made fashion of Dior, the realization of these top jewellery works is inseparable from the exquisite craftsmanship of the top jewellery workshop in Paris – the perfection of cutting and polishing, which is in order to achieve the effect of silk embroidery, and make the main conspicuous stone obvious. Such carefully cut and carved “lace” turns into a beautiful top jewelry shortly.
When matched with the intertwined vine pattern, the ingeniously woven structure ensures that the “lace” can be combined and transformed to create a variety of necklaces, rings, bracelets or earrings. The vortex and the spiral elements blend in each other and gracefully fit the curve of wrist or neck bringing out the elegance of ladies.
Dior Dior Dior top jewelry collection
Dentelle Guipure Platinum Finger Ring
Dentelle Guipure gold bracelet
Dentelle Guipure White Gold Bracelet Ring Set
Dentelle Organza rose gold ring
Dentelle Organza white gold ring
Dentelle Organza rose gold ring
Dentelle Popeline Rose Gold Bracelet
Dentelle Popeline Rose Gold Earrings
Dentelle Popeline white gold ring
Dentelle Popeline white gold bracelet
In addition, the fun wearing style is also one of expressions method from Victorian : asymmetrical earrings and an all-in-one ring bracelet with white gold lace as the base and decorated with floral patterns and pink spinels. The beauty of freedom and casualness is revealed in gestures.