From the first show, Mr. Dior incorporated the architectural elements into the high-end dresses setting a permanent style and soul for his designs. Mr. Dior recounted: “I want to be an architect but I am a senior designer. I must follow the laws and rules of architecture. Therefore, every piece of fashion protect is a building.”

Victoire de Castellane inspired from this unique creative vision and created Archi Dior’s high-end jewellery collection. Each piece borrows the famous series or name of the dress that Mr. Dior used to build with his architectural attitude. He used the lines of the high-grade uniforms of the past to recreate the glittering lines of the eternal jewellery. This series pays tribute to the passion of Christian Dior for architectural design: throughout his life, this great designer is committed to applying architectural design principles adopted to high-end custom fashion. Create a distinct, architecturally-designed silhouette, and the three-dimensional shape seems to have no fear of gravity. Archi Dior is the connection of clothes, gems and metals.

Dior Archi Dior Collection “Bar en Corolle” Ring

Bar en Corolle ring draws on the 1947 Bar Jacket and iconic style. Its name is derived from the “Corolle” dress that debuted in the “New Look” series. Rows of diamonds make metal pleats looming under pure gold or full-diamond.

Dior Archi Dior Collection “Cocotte” Necklace
Dior Archi Dior Collection “Cocotte” Ring

Some styles in Cocotte necklaces, bracelets and rings draw on the 1948 Spring-Summer Collection Cocotte Dresses using the back of the dress to create an asymmetrical jewel style. And the chain part uses a variety of cut diamonds in series to form an irregular aesthetic.

Dior Archi Dior Collection “Diorama” Earrings
Dior Archi Dior Collection “Diorama” Necklace
Dior Archi Dior Collection Diorama Bracelet

Inspired by ribbons decorated in the spring and summer Diorama dresses of the 1951 Spring-Summer Series. They create precious “skirts” jewelry that seem to be endlessly wrapped around the waist, ears or waist.

Dior Archi Dior Collection “Ailée” Bracelet

Covered with swirling gemstones, bracelet is inspired by the same-name series in 1948 Autumn-Winter Series.

Dior Archi Dior Collection “LIBRE PLUMETIS” Bracelet

The irregularly sized diamonds laid on this bracelet are like the patterns on the fabric and are also surrounded by a uniform size of the original diamond making people always think of exquisite and beautiful white tulle.

Brands can find inspiration from history and draw on the essence of different works. More significant, is to have innovation. MILIEU DU SIÈCLE earing seems a little unsatisfactory. However, these will not stop the glory that the Archi Dior series brings to the brand. So, Dior is indeed a jewelry brand that worthy of collection. .