When you meet Dior’s new high-end jewellery collection—“Dear Dior,” what’s falling out of your mind is just a word: “Stunning!”

“Dear Dior”is full of romantic , which is a new work launched by Dior senior jewellery designer Victoire de Castellane.

The design certerion of Victoire de Castellane is ” out of the ordinary”. Her design is not only bold, but also story-telling. The colored gemstones, tourmaline, beryl, olivine, amethyst, citrine, sapphire and garnet, which are the materials that she loves. She said that the colorful gems are like candy for her. It has a fascinating and deadly appeal.

The talent of Victoire de Castellane is unparalleled

In fact, there are countless designers who use color as the main melody, while almost no one can compete with Dior jewelry creative director Victoire de Castellane. The new “Dear Dior” series is also in touch with the Dior high-definition series, which draws a lot of inspiration.

Dior Fine Jewelry New Dentelle Chantilly Ring

Dior Fine Jewelry New Dentelle Opale d’Orient Bracelet
Even the back is like a brand new piece of jewelry.

Gemstone ring, this contrast color is full of blurred colors, the back of the ring is also fine
Dior Fine Jewelry New Dentelle Tourmaline Ring

Dior Fine Jewelry Poster of Earlier Period

 Dior Jewelry

The combination of opal and gemstone makes this brooch look like a peacock
Dior Fine Jewelry New Dentelle Opale d’Orient Ring

Thin lace ring, the middle sapphire is very precious
Dior Fine Jewelry New Dentelle Chantilly Ring

Emerald ring, gorgeous and impressive, back
Dior Fine Jewelry New Bouquet d’Opales Ring

Blue-green earrings
Dior Fine Jewelry New Bouquet d’Opales Earrings

Yellow gemstone earrings, finely designed, yellow gems of different color scales are set in the same pair of earrings, back
Dior Fine Jewelry New Dentelle Medaillon Soleil

Exquisite and intricate details, as well as the colorful gemstones may be the intuitive feeling of “Dear Dior”. Their inspiration comes from the 1950s style or the haute couture and high-end jewellery tradition of Dior.

The tempting aspect of Dear Dior is not only from the precious gems of various colors, but also the delicate lace-like carvings on the back of the jewels. It is also one of the most attractive attractions of “Dear Dior”.

Dior Technician Examines the Fit of Bracelets

Dior Jewelry Gem Setting

Dior jewellery has always won the favor of many women with noble and gorgeous colors and designs. The Dear Dior jewellery of this design has the gorgeousness and elegance of court jewellery. It is also the designer’s dedication and craftsman’s dedication to create a vast majority jewelers which have dedicated a feast of jewellery decoration for the lovers of Dior jewelry!