As one of Victoria’s favorite gems, Dior has repeatedly used opals in various collections since the launch of the high-end jewellery collection. This time, in the Dior et d ‘ Opales top jewellery collection, opal is mined and collected from the original stone, then the design concept, until the final inlaying and polishing which is inseparable from the finest work of the most outstanding jewelers in Paris.
Beautiful legend of opal
As early as in ancient Roman Greek mythology, opal was considered a magical stone. The honest shepherd Gyges was able to hide because of wearing an opal ring. People believe that “the opal is the stone left by the angel when it comes to the ground.” Therefore, women who wear opal are also the embodiment of angels that can bring happiness to themselves and those around them symbolizing luck and happiness. This may also be the reason why everyone is chasing Opal.
This collection uses a fancy cut to embellish different types of small diamonds around the opal main stone creating a strong visual impact. Elegance of white diamonds and the bright colors of Opal complement each other, and it also shows their respective charms harmoniously. At the same time, the light of the center stone is more dazzling.
In addition to the colorful jewellery embellishment, the designer also incorporates the feather-decorated elements of the Palace of Versailles into the new work. Use the golden feathers to gently lift the main opal stone. The surface of the feathers can be seen with delicate carving lines and dotted with small round diamonds to make the Opal natural color more prominent.
“If lose mystery, magic can’t be called magic.” Although the opal has a long history, it has not lost its charm. Brilliant and flamboyant with mystery, it constantly inspires people’s fantastic fantasy.
Nowadays, it is used in the high-end jewellery series whose brilliance is even more difficult to cover up. The brand subtly captures the complex and mysterious nature of the opal combining this mysterious stone of thousands of years with contemporary jewelry inlays to create a beautiful work showcasing unparalleled goldsmith craftsmanship and echoing the craftsmanship of high-end custom-made garments.
Each piece of beautiful work is designed with the most ingenious design to evoke the unique beauty of the opal. Each jewel sings its own story in a unique way exuding glamour between the neck, wrist and fingers.
As Vittoria said: “This unique design allows people to explore the essence of the Cher Dior collection. The white diamonds are cold and fresh, the opal is rich and dynamic. When the diamonds surround the opal as if all the magnificent colors are condensed into ice crystals in a drop of clear water.”