Ribbons should be the most common element in custom fashion, either floating lightly or tied into a undulating shape. Through the elegance of penetrating silk, the inlaid gems of precious stones shines brightly. The Soie Dior series jewelry perfectly embodies the soft, flowing beauty putting a soft veil on the hard gem.

With the clear diamonds folds, finely-cut and stepped sapphire seems loose but compactness. Gros grain Saphir arranged in a ribbon pattern with sapphire, however, the surrounding pure diamonds are like lace beside the ribbons nobly. Pear-cut diamonds are firmly held in place and become the finishing touch of the entire jewel.

Double-wrapped ribbons are wrapped in emerald-centered gemstones. The Noué Émeraude adopts completely different cutting diamonds composing folded, wrapped around, free to untie, twist into a braid shape, flip, bend winding … and then solidified ribbon jewelry. Every point of the transition or ups and downs presents a unique dynamic, then the two differently cut gemstones are arranged side by side and each with its own characteristics. The emeralds that surround it are also more and more noble and charming.

As a frequent occurrence in haute couture, the feminine curve are applied to the design of jewelry. The wrinkled of the dresses and the decorations perfectly represent the exquisiteness of the women by the soft curves. The Smock Diamant jaune is overlaid with three different ribbons to form a belt-like ornament. There are several gaps among the three diamond ribbons making it lightness and streamline. The pear-shaped cutting center diamond is just right during the embellishment without losing the sense of power.

Asymmetrical design and the color collision are technique that the high jewelry designer Victoire de Castellane is skilled in creating products. Through the combination of different color gems and asymmetrical arrangement, this series becomes a harmonious and symmetrical beauty. Ruby is passionate, unrestrained and gorgeous; sapphire is calm, rigorous, and plain. With the collisions of red and blue stons, the color can fully released Trese Rubis jewelry can fully release and independent in Trese Rubis jewelry.

Plumetis Émeraude jewelry by accompany emerald and Chaplet Stone formed a gradual feeling. Transparent step-shape diamonds virtually add to the gloss of the jewels. while this Ganse Diamant jaune ring through the changing from varieties of shapes diamonds reflect a cute experience. The yellow main stone is given a free form in the pink trapezoidal diamond waves when together with oval, pear-shaped fine diamonds, it is more luxurious and elegant.

Soie Dior Fine Jewelry Series uses clever gems and deep meaning with bureaus making them show the luster of silk perfectly. With the ever-change-shape ribbons, the sculpt of each piece is unpredictable. The perfect combination of ribbons and gems gives Dior new life and creates a colorful feast of luxury.