Panther is one of the brand symbols of Cartier, it first appeared in jewelry world in 1914. As a pioneer in giving inspiration to this brand, Louis Cartier, together with his partner Jeanne Toussaint develop the idea incisively and vividly in the following decades. Now, we can the figure of the panther on the watches, bracelets, brooches, necklaces, rings and so on. For Cartier, the tameless panther is not only a brand symbol but also a timeless classic.

This silver Cartier panther ring has a unique design which is different from other brands. The most distinctive feature is the panther’s head on the top of the ring, with the emerald and onyx as the eyes and the nose, the panther seems more lifelike. With the diamond covering, this ring looks more graceful and noble, making it a temptation to many women. Another key point is that, because of the ringent design, you can adjust the size, so whether your finger is thin or thick, you can wear it. And it is very suitable for the engagement or the valentine.

The authentic Cartier panther ring has a price of $37,100, which is really too expensive for many people, but the price of this replica is less than $100 that everyone can afford. So if you’re going to have an engagement, why not choose this replica Cartier bracelet? After all, you can save the money to do other meaningful things.